President, Bob "T-Rex" Green 
Vice President,  Gary “Fumes” Luce
Secretary, David “Boy Scout” Dolph
Treasurer, Jeff “Doc” Hall 
S.A.A., Josh "Hollywood" Preston 
G.O.M., Andrew “ Scotsman” Penrod
Comms Boss., Andrew Penrod 
Controller, Scott Haddix 
Chaplain, Hank Keyes

Past Grand Chapter Presidents

Tim "Cleetus" Rose – 2022-2023 (Passkeepers)
Dale Collins – 2020-2021 (Brothers Of Boaz)
Dwayne Coltz 2017-2019 (Sublime Principals)

Troy Rodeniser 2015-2017 (Rough Ashlars)

Paul R. Bickel - 2012-2015 (Sublime Principals)
Eric Lilly - 2011-2012 (Sublime Principles)
Brian Knoll - 2009-2011 (Solomons Sevens)
Jeff Root - 2007-2009 (Solomons Builders)

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